This coffee comes from the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala, processed by the finca San Antonio Chaquite.


The owners of the finca, Perez family, are growing coffee in the fourth generation. They own five farms and grow on 120 hectares up to fifteen different varieties. The farms are located close to the Mexican border.


It is impressive how the Perez family around father Wily and his sons Daniel, Gerado and Guellermo are able to maintain and improve their coffee quality every year.


The finca of San Antonio Chaquite covers 66 hectares, and the botanical variety grown throughout the finca is the Caturra. It extends from an altitude of 1,650 meters to reach 2,000 meters. What we propose is a lot collected at 1,800 meters worked through the traditional washed method.


This lot is surprising for the sweetness and the clean cup!


Rare lot Guatemala San Antonio Chaguite - 250g

€15.50 Regular Price
€12.40Sale Price
  • Quality score:

    88 pts


    Sensory profile:

    lime | black currant | raspberry


    Country: Guatemala

    Region: Huehuetenango

    Farm: San Antonio Chaguite

    Variety: Caturra

    Altitude: 1,8000 masl

    Process: Washed

    Drying process: Sun dried


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