This collaboration was born from the meeting of different worlds and from people united by the passion for travel and their work. Yanesha is the name of the indigenous people who produced the coffee used for the stout, e
with their name we decided to call our beer. The communities are located in Peru, in the Oxapampa biosphere and work in permaculture thanks to the support of 7elements Peru.
After roasting, carried out by the Picapau micro-roaster, the coffee was added in infusion to this deep and expressive beer, created by Valentino, publican of the Pork 'n Roll in Rome and by Andrea, globetrotting brewer, who made it at the, using roasted malts and grains borrowed from the English brewing tradition.



" Yanesha " is a soft coffee stout: with a dark and impenetrable color and foam reminiscent of mokaccino. Brewed with special malts of the English tradition that give it an extreme roundness. On the nose, evident notes of tiramisu and hazelnut emerge. Our specialty coffee roasted, cold infused, batch "Kornesha" from the indigenous Yanesha people of Peru, adds further strong nuances of toffee and raisins. In addition to the warm sensations of freshly roasted coffee. The body is medium and velvety, with a bitter finish of 80% cocoa. The delicate carbonation makes drinking even more pleasant and satisfying.


Best enjoyed immediately beyond 10'C.

To try at all times:

  • With dried fruit during a snack.
  • With a true Roman carbonara for lunch.
  • With marinated or smoked ribs for dinner.
  • Obviously with a good homemade tiramisu!


And even alone .. perhaps accompanied by a nice chat to remember trips to distant countries.

Yanesha Coffee Stout -conf. 3-6 bottles

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