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Emanuele and Carolina are the founders of Picapau.
They approached quality coffee in Brazil in 2013, when they first tried Specialty Coffee in a coffee shop in São Paulo.
After several years of experience in the world of coffee, in 2019 they create Picapau together.


Founder & Roaster

In Picapau Emanuele is the roaster and takes care of all the production, from the purchase and selection of green coffee to the study and development of roasting profiles.

In recent years he has focused on improving his coffee skills, achieving the following results:

  • 2016: Coffee Diploma System (SCAE)

  • 2017: 3rd place at the Italian Brewing Championship

  • 2018: finalist at the Italian Roasting and the Italian Brewing Championship

  • 2019: finalist at the Italian Brewing Championship and becomes SCA AST

  • 2020: 2nd place at the Italian roasting championship



Administration Manager

In Brazil, Carolina attended specialized courses in cafeteria,
introduction to sensory analysis, management of a micro-roasting and roasting, and then gaining experience as in specialized Coffee Shops in Rio De Janeiro.

Today, in Picapau, she is the administrative manager who takes care of orders and relations with customers and suppliers.

Carolina is available for questions, requests for information and any other needs of our customers.

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