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We believe that Specialty Coffee is the only opportunity to change the entire coffee production chain for the better.

Picapau is a micro roastery born in 2019 in Rome and represents the Specialty Coffee movement at the highest level.

At Picapau we are dedicated to researching, roasting and supplying the highest quality coffee. All our coffees are carefully selected at the origin on the basis of a philosophy in which quality, traceability, innovation and social responsibility are the main objective.

We only buy fresh and seasonal crops. It is one of our principles to fully appreciate the value of the supply chain, from harvest to cup.

Establishing a direct partnership and working closely with producers is essential for us.
We prepare and taste our coffees in a systematic way, and tasting them every day is part of our routine.
Our goal is to offer a coffee that conveys the essence of the territory and the processing of each single lot.

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