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Our coffees stand out for their unique quality, original flavor and personality.

We work with Arabica coffee, originally controlled and traceable and produced in a sustainable way by small farmers.

Our proposal includes 3 different categories of products, different from each other in complexity, rarity and type of each single lot.



Intense and full-bodied.

Prevailing warm notes of hazelnut, caramel and chocolate.



Our blends are the ideal line for those who want to start exploring the universe of Specialty Coffee and appreciate the balance obtained by blending different origins.

We get round-tasting coffee with aromas and flavors that include hazelnut, caramel and cocoa.



Complex and harmonious.

With delicate sweet and fruity notes and pleasant acidity.


Represents our main proposal of single origins coffees.

With the right roast profile, we emphasize not only the floral notes of red and / or yellow fruits, but also other aroma and flavor characteristics 
that only the specialty coffee provides.

single origin.jpg


Exclusive and exotic.

High complexity and vivacity with fruity and floral notes.


The rarities of the Specialty Coffee universe are here.

The roasting techniques we use to reveal all the unique flavors and aromas of this line are increasingly complex, but the effort pays off in every sip.
Coffees selected from 88 SCA points.


To evaluate a coffee as a “Specialty” it is necessary that every stage of the entire production chain, from harvest to final cup, is carried out according to high standards. In Specialty Coffee, each hand that processes it has a decisive effect on the final flavor of the coffee.

At that point of the supply chain where the roasting process takes place, we are committed to improving its organoleptic characteristics.
For each coffee we study and develop different roasting profiles, seeking its maximum expression.

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